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Shred Ready USA 5572 E HWY 50 Unit A Salida, CO 81201


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Shred Ready is located in Salida, CO – home of The Arkansas River, Monarch Mountain, year-round kayaking, skiing, and mountain biking. Though our office/warehouse is located in Salida, our organization and spirit is spread across the globe; to the mountainsrivers and lakes where we find our true passion, shredding! From our founder and staff, to our sales reps, team managers and riders, we are all hardcore shred aficionados
Obsessed for 18 years with helmet manufacturingdesign and materials, Shred Ready was founded with the principles of delivering superior protective gear with value for the sport our founder loved… whitewater kayaking. We have expanded our talents to our other passions such as snowboarding and skiingwakeboarding and SUP. Our friends wear our products and we take theirs and your safety seriously. 
Shred Ready is a self-madeindependent brand with a heart fostered in the hands of a collection of amazing individuals and partners. Creativeimaginativepassionatemotivated and talented, we continually look for the road less traveled and dream of the next big line, where our perfect day awaits. We have all melded our passion of our sport into our everyday life and careers. Each and every day, everyone at Shred Ready wakes up thinking about our next big triplinetrick and protective gear for those adventures.