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First Luke Skywalker LANDED - Lukas Irmler

The idea of this trick is a couple years old, but after few tries we considered it impossible back then! Well times have changed, and so i tried it again and it didn´t feel THAT impossible! Over a 100 tries later and more than 4 rest days to recover i returned back last tuesday with the support of my wonderful girlfriend Julia and just after 6 tries i was able to LAND this sickness of a trick back on line! I would not have believed it if i did not see the video myself! It still feels really strange but i think i will be landing it consistently very soon! So as far as i know this is the first time this trick has been landed, thought we had been speaking and dreaming about this for years! I really can´t describe this feeling, but actually the Smile is still on my face!  Let´s do the double and prove that nothing is impossible once again! Follow me on my Website or on Facebook to be informed of all my projects and next dream s! Thanks for watching and share it if you liked! www.lukas-imrler.com https://www.facebook.com/IrmlerLukas http://www.adidas.de/outdoor/Outdoor,... http://www.elephant-slackline.com Music: Kanye West - Diamonds (Ratatat Remix)

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