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Kilian Jornet in the Northern Lights - Petzl

On a long November night, ultrarunner Kilian Jornet trains on a never-ending knife-edge ridge overlooking the dark fjords. Way up high, during the frigid windy night, Kilian attempts to make the aurora borealis appear.The Aurora Borealis (also known as the Northern Lights) and the Aurora Australis are a natural phenomenon created through the interaction between charged particles of the solar wind and the upper atmosphere. The auroras occur primarily in those regions close to the magnetic poles (source: You can plan for this incredible phenomenon by following the aurora forecast on websites like Aurora-service ( This film used special effects. Unfortunately, the NAO®+ cannot make the aurora borealis appear... ☺ Don't worry, your headlamp can work, even if your phone runs out of energy. For more information on the NAO®+ headlamp, the MyPetzl Light application, and the aurora borealis, please visit

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8A Mega Boulder In The Hollow Mountain Cave || Cold House Media Vlog 024

Josh and Charlotte hit some more bouldering zones like the iconic Hollow Mountain Cave and see with their own eyes, the perfect Taipan Wall. A V11 (Dead Can’t Dance), V7 dynos (Bitch Slap), and American cheese burgers grillin are waiting for you in this vlog. 

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