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Base jump

Ronda BASE Jump

One of the first Base Jump in Ronda Bridge. Stay tuned for 2016 events.

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Base jump

From Zero To Hero Teaser

Teaser of the WS & Angle Flying , November. 2014 Full video: https://vimeo.com/fromzerotoherows/camp Hosted by http://fromzerotohero.ws/ at Skydive Spain, Sevilla.

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From Zero to Hero Wingsuit & Tracking Camp

WS & Angle Flying event we had in November 2014. Maurizio Di Palma, Simon Wandeler, Flo Zburatorul, Dimitri Didenko Thanks again to all the participants, load organizers, drop zone, staff, airfield, Szymon and Milosz for capturing the spirit of the camp, my friend Robert and all other friends who made a big effort coming from all over the place. Organizing something like this will always be a big challenge but when you are sourrounded by the right people, it cant go wrong! Next one by the end of April, beginning of May 2015. We are already working hard, putting our heart into the next camp to bring some of the best load organizers and the best possible atmosphere, stay tuned and get in touch if you are interested! More info: fromzerotohero.ws

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XRW Petra vs Funks

XRW stands for Cross Relative Work or Extreme Realtive Work where Wingsuits on freefall fly alongside a fully deployed canopy, in this case a Petra loaded at 3.4 flying in formation with 3 Funks by SquirrelHosted by From Zero to Hero WS School, during the educational camp in May 2015 at Skydive Spain, SevilleCanopy pilot: Cedric Veiga, member of the french canopy piloting team.WS performers: Simon Wandeler, Flo Zburatorul.Outside video: Éder Navacerradahttp://fromzerotohero.ws/https://vimeo.com/fromzerotoherows

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