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Highline woman world record

On July 23rd, Laetitia Gonnon alias Lets Go broke the Woman Highline World Record. She sent a 120 m highline full polyester, 100 m above the ground. She sent it in one way, on the other she fell at only 15 m of the end. The line was in the Vercors, on the spot named Pas de la Bergere, also know for the event of the MHP. The previous record was holded by Faith Dickey (USA). It was 105 m, double vectran. Line : Elia (Line-spirit), full PES Backup : 9 mm rope Tension : less than 100kg, hand tensionned SAG : 10 m L : 120 m H : 100 m Sponsored by yogitea.bio

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