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Voodoo – For the Slackliner in all of us!
Voodoo brand was created with prime, hip, urban and artistic details in mind. It will be constantly changing and modernizing with art—revolutionizing to fit the needs of our outdoor customer in mind. As a whole there is a dialog that has manifested between slacklining, counter culture, and art. Whether it is the photographers that are capturing the growing sport on film, A graffitied mural that a slackline is set up next to, or the music that the athletes are listening to, the sport seems to be intertwined with creativity. 
Here at Voodoo Slacklines, we are striving to create a collaboration between the sport of slacklining and the art and culture that inspires it. Our athletes are determined, using their talents to invent new tricks and flips on a daily basis. Their ingenuity is pushing the sport forward, creating an evolution much like that of skateboarding 30 years ago. The jumps are getting higher, the tricks are getting more complex and overall the sport is getting more extreme. Together, with the athletes, we are excited to guide the sport into this new generation. 
When you buy Voodoo, you are buying a style. Voodoo is a lifestyle brand that embodies the slacklife culture. Along with our current slacklines, “Fearless”, “Gold” and “Mojo”, we have also created a line of clothing and accessories that stay true the brand’s style. 
Support Our Athletes.
The Voodoo brand is designed to support the athletes for which it was created. A portion of every Slackline we sell goes to fund our athletes training, as well as competition and lifestyle needs. In the recent past, talented slackliners have had to stop competing due to lack of funds. Slackerfices- what the slackliners call their sport related afflictions- have definitely been made. 
 We believe in our athletes and our brand. At Voodoo, our goal is to create a sustainable brand that supports the talents and endeavors of our athletes and our retail partners. 
Voodoo is an affiliated branch of Brand 44 and Slackers. The three create a diverse network of outdoor branding that encompasses a wide range of demographics. In addition to our business model, we are also extremely proud to to be the only American born, major, slackline company.