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This well known children´s game reflects exactly what we have lost in our serious, adult world: the ability of going through life naively and with open eyes, to sense things open-minded. We take certain things for granted without verifying if they are fact or not. We are getting blinded by our common sense and our experience of life. We are looking without observing. What do we notice? What we see or what we expect to see?
There is no such experience in childlike curiosity, because an adolescent comprehension is still developping. As a result of what a child can see with his own eyes. Unlike adults, a child always does a double take

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Bobtrack Downhill Longboarding 4K!

This is a whole longboard downhill camera run at the "Beton on Fire" race in Sigulda, Latvia on August 15, 2015. I shot this video on 3 different GoPro cameras, the main picture from the handheld camera is shot in 4K/ UHD! rider: Danny Strasser camera & edit: Danny Strasser danny-strasser.com facebook.com/danny-strasser.com youtube.com/dannystrasser music: Shapes of Ancient Fear by Bill Stankay/Sunfall Records www.billstankay.com youtube.com/billstankay

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Inline Extreme

extreme inline downhill skating in bobsled tracks! camera, edit & production: Danny Strasser www.danny-strasser.com www.facebook.com/danny-strasser.com music: Blood Red Vision - fuck off facebook.com/BloodRedVision

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Let's talk about RISK

Do you think that so-called "extreme sports" are dangerous? Did you already realize that you take dozends of unneccessary risk in everyday life? What is more dangerous? One big risk we take consciously with precautions and awareness or a dozend little everyday life risks we don't even realize?narrator: Danny Strassercamera, edit & production: Danny Strasserwww.danny-strasser.comfacebook.com/danny-strasser.comWARNING! This video is copyright protected - any copyright violation will be legally prosecuted!

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