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MATTAshapes BFF with Sam Piter

BFF THE BEST FRIEND FOREVER BOARD We all need a BFF. That someone you can simply rely on and share every single moment. The good, the bad, the ugly.. and the beautiful. The wider nose helps you to catch every wave you paddle for, the round pin tail makes it easy to turn and surf on the rail. It’s a dream of a surfboard and will prove to be your ultimate travel companion. Never letting you down, but always providing you with a high. We all know that high road is hard to find, so to have a board like this in your quiver.. or to have a 1 board quiver, this is a no brainer. Wider nose Very low rocker V nose to Single to double concave with V Tri/Quad fin option Round Pin

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MATTAshapes TTT with Justin Becret and Sam Piter

THE TUESDAY TO TUESDAY BOARD It´s a new curve, it´s a new board that all our team riders are extremely excited about. Flat rocker on the front foot for when the wave has no power, or when you have to fly over those flat sections.. and then when the waves starts shaping up or you fall in a proper section the board will seamlessly transition into the back curve which will accelerate and give the freedom to put the board anywhere you want it to go. A solid kick tail gives all the freedom you need. A unique combination of rocker for high performance surfing in all conditions. Standard outline High performance rocker Single to double concave Tri fin Squash tail

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Sam PITER for CoRide Surf Ambassador

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Surf session with 11years old Sam Piter

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