Alexander MEGOS

Alexander MEGOS
Erlangen , Germany



23 years old

1.7 m

Hi, my name is Alexander Megos. My discipline is climbing. My friends call me Alex. I was born on 12 August 1993 .


Alexander Megos started climbing at the age of six and was already doing multi-rope-length routes with his father at the age of 10. In 2009 he completed his first 8c and two years later his first 9a route in France.

In 2009 and 2010 Alexander won the European Junior Championships and in 2010 he also achieved second place in the Youth World Championship in Edinburgh. In 2012 he graduated from school and since then is dedicating every spare minute to rock-climbing. In March 2013 he did the first ever on-sight ascent of a 9a route in the Spanish climbing region Siurana, and just five months later he climbed Australia's hardest route (9a R.E.D.) and did the continent's most difficult boulder (9a+ Wheelchair).

In 2014 he continued to climb various 9 and 9+ routes, and that year’s masterpiece was in June, when he did the 20-rope-lengths 8c route FLY in Switzerland with Roger Schäli, David Hefti and Frank Kretschmann. That challenge saw Megos conquer one of the hardest bigwall-climbing routes in the world, an achievement that set him up for his latest big project. In 2016, he released the Alex Megos Formula, a four-part video series that delves into his secrets of success.

The prodigious German climber is already known for his fast repetitions of complicated rock-climbing routes and will definitely keep on impressing with his next climbing endeavours.

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