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30 years old

Andy Lewis (born in Santa Rosa, California), who goes by the stage name Sketchy Andy Lewis, is a professional performer, stunt coordinator, and internationally recognized extreme sports athlete. His is most famous for his efforts as a Slackliner. "Sketchy Andy" has successfully completed a long list of accomplishments as a highliner and trickliner, but also is a highly distinguished BASE jumper and rock climber. He has created many aspects of the sport of Slackline, created new "slack" vocabulary, new Slackline disciplines (spacelines, spacenets, etc.), and is likely the worlds leading ambassador to the sport. He is most highly noted for his slackline creativity and style along with being credited for his many innovations in the world of tricklining.

Growing up in Greenbrae, California,he graduated valedictorian of his class of 2008 from Humboldt State University. He learned to slackline in 2004, and since 2008 has been winning or placing on the podium at the biggest slackline competitions in the world, helping to establish modern day competitive tricklining.

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