Temacula, United States



42 years old

I grew up in a small town in Nebraska with a big dream to make it in motocross. I wasn't into football so instead I rode dirt bikes. After graduating High School I told my dad I wanted to move to california to pursue my dream of becoming a dirt bike rider. I told him that if it didn't work out after a year that I would move back home. I chased my dream to california in an old truck with my dirt bike and a credit card. I ended up winning the 1997 Supercross at the LA Colesium and ghost rode my bike across the finish line. I formed a bad ass group called the Metal Mulisha and went on to win 10 X-Games Medals! I've done stunts and appeared in movies XXX, Fantastic Four, Spider Man, etc... 

Oh yeah I payed my dues almost dying three seperate times! Once I got hit by a helicopter doing a commercial nextIi crashed at the winter x games and broke my femur in four spots, both wrists and lost two pints of blood then I crashed doing a backflip on my motorcycle filming on the reality show Viva La Bam lacerating my spleen, exploding my kydney and lost four pints of blood! Yes I saw the light on the last one and relized GOD is watching over me! I have had my crazy times now I try to take life a little easier. I couldn't ask for a better life! Thanks to everyone that has beleived in me!


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Moto Cross



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