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Hi, my name is Brock Crouch. My discipline is snowboard slopestyle. I was born on 22 August 1999 in California, USA. My special talent is skateboarding.


Brock Crouch is a professional snowboarder who focuses on slopestyle and hopes to one day compete at Olympic level. 

Crouch was born in Carlsbad, California. Although he surfed from a young age and continues to enter surf events, he discovered his forté was on snow, during a family vacation to the ski town of Mammoth Lakes. There was no turning back after that. "I never wanted to leave Mammoth," he says.

By the age of six, Crouch entered his first slopestyle and halfpipe contests with the USA Snowboard Association. He was a natural at competition and soon, he began winning contests and eventually, the USASA Nationals.

"When I was about eight, I realised, 'Whoa, I could be really good at this sport,'" says Crouch. "I started winning contests and I was really excited about that. My coach said to me, 'You should keep doing this.' I just kept progressing every day after that."

Crouch had so much success in snowboarding from such a young age that his parents quickly realised he needed to live closer to the snow. Now he spends much of the winter living in Mammoth and travelling to contests. In the summers, he returns home to Carlsbad. 

In the summers, he surfs and skates as much as he can. He has scored wins and podiums in WSA and NSSA surf contests around southern California and beyond. "I love surfing ´┐╝and skating, but snowboarding is number one," he says. "In snowboarding, you have to be really strong."

By the time he was 11, Crouch decided he wanted to focus on slopestyle riding. "Halfpipe was kind of boring," he says. "You just go back and forth. I had way more fun in slopestyle."

In 2012, his first year focusing on slopestyle, he went undefeated in the USASA events. Now Crouch spends much of the winter traveling to contests all over the world, from the Burton European Open in Switzerland – which he won in 2014 – to the U.S. Revolution Tour, which launches young riders to the next level. In 2015, he landed on the podium, in third place, at the Rev Tour stop at his home mountain of Mammoth.

"That felt really great, especially being at home and bringing home a medal," he says. "It's cool to see how after all the hard work, it finally pays off."

After placing third in that contest, Crouch left Mammoth that night, arriving in Carlsbad around 2am. He woke up at 5:30 the next morning to drive to Huntington Beach to compete in a surf contest. "It can get a little crazy, but I just remember to stay in the moment and to have fun," he says.

Now that snowboard slopestyle is an Olympic sport, Crouch stands a chance at representing his country at the highest level. "It's every kid's goal to go the Olympics, but I never thought I'd actually have a chance," he says. "But when I heard that slopestyle had made it into the Olympics, I freaked out. Now I have a chance."

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