Simi Valley, United States



14 years old

My name is Carson Mumford, I’m 14 years old from Simi Valley CA. I have loved anything to do with motorcycles since age 2 when I was given my first bike and I haven’t stopped riding since. Now one day I hope to be one of the best riders on the track.

In 2008 I really started to get into racing on a more competitive level. All the races I competed in I finished top 10, So when it was time to evaluate my race schedule for 2009, we aimed to attend all the big amateur races around the country. It was fun traveling with my family to all these races and I learned a lot about racing that year. I was really proud to finish top 10 at most of my races.

When the 2010 race season was approaching I was riding my bike more then ever before. With the help of my trainer Buddy Antunez I felt my speed around the track had improved a lot to and I was excited to start my big year of racing. 2010 was a great year for me. I was really happy with the improvements I had made and the results I finished with at most of my races. My highlight of 2010 was taking home 3 titles at Oak Hill.

With my 2011 season just around the corner I have been riding my motorcycle and training to make sure I’m prepared for my race year. My goal this year is to prove I have what it takes to win any race I compete in, but most of all I want to win the title at Loretta Lynns. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead of me. I’m thankful to my Parents and all my sponsors for making what I love to do possible and always supporting me.

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Moto Cross

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