Chris COLE

Chris COLE
Carlsbad, USA



34 years old

People handle success in many different ways. Some crack under the weight of newly heightened expectations. Some put it on cruise control and coast along from past achievements in a fulfilled state of satisfaction. It is a rare individual who rides the momentum of success towards bigger and better things in life. Professional skateboarder Chris Cole, through his continual domination of competitions, has clearly earned himself the top spot amongst the elite of skateboarding. Through it all, Chris has been grounded with the realization that life is all about deep-seated relationships fostered through respect and compassion. As his profile ascended, he furthered his desire to perpetually self evaluate and improve all facets of life.

In June of 2014 Cole announced his departure from Zero. In May 2015 Cole joined the Plan B skateboards team.

On June 23rd 2015 the documentary about Cole's life, The Motivation 2, was released on iTunes. It was directed by Adam Bhala Lough. In September 2015 the documentary was released on Netflix worldwide

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