Truckee, United States



15 years old

Hi, my name is Cody LaPlante. My discipline is Freeskiing. My friends call me Shorty. I was born on 15 March 2002 in Reno, Nevada. My special talent is I have good air awareness . My philosophy of life is Think positively and have a good time. The most important person in my life is my family, my friends, and Roy Tuscany from High Fives Foundation. My favourite food is Spaghetti . My favourite music is Rap and hip-hop.


Born in California in 2002, Cody LaPlante first began skiing at the age of two when his parents, David and Jessica LaPlante, would take him to the mini park on a harness. He began competing at nine years old and took first place in the Slopestyle in the nine-and-under division of the USASA Nationals. Since then he's gone on to take numerous titles, including the Overall title in the USSA Jr Nationals 2015–16. He's now looking towards the 2018 Winter Olympics in Peongchang, South Korea.

Not one to let his age and small size stand in the way of trying new things on the slopes, much of LaPlante’s notoriety comes from a stunning track record of progressive skills uncommon for athletes his age. Backflips at seven, Dubs at 11, All Four-way-dubs at 12, Triples at 13 and the world’s first Triple Misty 1440 while training in Cardrona, New Zealand, in October 2016.

Due to his fearless style and unquestionable talent he's been called the 'future of skiing' by legends such as High Fives Foundation founder and former professional freeskier Roy Tuscany. Despite all these accolades LaPlante keeps a cool head about what the future holds. “I just ski to have fun, and if I do well, I do well, and if I don’t then I can try something different,” says LaPlante.


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