Santa Barbara , USA



24 years old

1.78 m

Even though Conner Coffin is young, the Santa Barbara regular foot is a refreshing blend of old-school rail surfing and whatever you care to call today’s high-flying circus act. Drawing inspiration from local heroes like Tom Curren and Dane Reynolds, Conner uses his compact frame to draw long, powerful lines on Rincon and the beachies around Ventura and Santa Barbara. Either that or he’s chucking airs or blowing tail like the rest of his peers. And speaking of “tail,” Conner and little brother (and fellow Monster team rider) Parker’s blog,, is an Internet beast. With thousands of daily views, the brother duo document their surf and fun-filled lives through writing, photography and surf-movie worthy video sections. In addition to Conner’s surfing and blogging prowess, his range of interests and skills are worthy of a “renaissance man” title. He reads Bukowski and Hemmingway. He contributes writing to SURFING magazine. And can converse intelligently with you. Yes, you. Whoever you are. Because whether you’re a super-frothy surf fan grom or a professional adult who stumbled upon this website thinking it was Monster, the job-seeking website, Conner will find a way to connect with you. He is a charmer. He’s a renaissance man. Enjoy Conner like however you damn well please, because he can do it all.

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Fred Rubble

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