35 years old

Hi, my name is Corey Bohan. My discipline isBMX Dirt. My friends call me Core. I was born on 15 January 1982 in Brisbane, Australia. My special talent is throwing massive back flips, or pulling no-hand one-foot to tailwhips. My philosophy of life is doing what you want to do in life is important. My favourite food is sushi and Outback Steakhouse. My favourite music is Samiam and Superchunk.


Australian Corey Bohan, who now lives in Southern California, has won many prestigious BMX Dirt titles over the years, including the first three-peat in X Games BMX Dirt history and victories at Red Bull Elevation, Red Bull Empire of Dirt, and the Vans Dirt and Roll. His creative tricks and widely-admired style have earned him the respect of his peers, who voted him Dirt Jumper of the Year at the NORA Cup Awards for five years in a row from 2004 to 2008.

When X Games cut BMX Dirt from its roster in 2007, Corey competed in park and continued to dominate the dirt scene at other contests. In 2012, he unveiled a new Red Bull YouTube BMX channel called Wizard of Aus that garnered mainstream attention and introduced hundreds of thousands of viewers to the sport of BMX. The series continued in 2013 under a new name, Hanging Foul with Corey Bohan.

“I had a lot of fun travelling around and giving viewers who aren’t that familiar with BMX an insight into the behind the scenes,” Corey says. “We’re reaching outside of the BMX world and helping people understand what we do.”

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