Bidart, France



33 years old

1.8 m

When and how did you start doing your sport? I started surfing 20 years ago because it was the perfect sport to stay in the water the whole day. It was easy, I was living in front of the surf spots.

When did you decide to become a pro? Actually I never really thought about turning pro, I just knew I wanted to enjoy life as much as I could. Traveling, meeting people, developing my cultural awareness and getting experienced drove me towards a free surfing career.

How did you become a part of O’Neill? I signed with the brand 17 years ago, after meeting Laurent Pacaud, manager at O’Neill.

What makes you unreasonable? Camping in the middle of nowhere for extended periods of time.

What has been a highlight in your career? I did 5th in the world longboard championship but my highlight is for sure the two months of travel in the wilderness of Alaska, fishing for food, camping and pepper spray as self-defense against bears or any other wild animals you can encounter out there.

What are your plans for the future?I’m going back to Alaska to get immersed in a big adventure with snowboarder Mathieu Crepel. Our plan is to follow the water cycle from snow falls in the mountains to waves rumbling in the oceans. "From snowflake to the wave".

Name 10 things you never travel without? Books, note books, compass, knife, map, camera, tent, sleeping bag, hiking shoes and music.

What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? I don’t sleep a lot, getting out of bed early is not a problem for me.

If we visited you at breakfast, what would you be eating? Cereals, Yogurt.

If you weren't surfing what would you do? Fishing salmon.

Any other sports you are good at? Hiking, fishing, boxing.

What music are you listening to? Pink Floyd, the Doors, Blues and Jazz.

What has been the scariest moment in your sport career? Meeting a massive grizzly near my tent.

What was your most embarrassing moment in your career/life? When I got in bed with a girl who wasn’t my girlfriend.

Describe your perfect day? Wake up early, before the sunrise, in the middle of nowhere check the ocean and surf until midday, lunch on the beach and another surf until the night. Wake up during the night and go hiking in the mountains. Stay up there for the night and make a campfire.

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