Hastings, England



28 years old

Over the past two decades any pro BMXer visiting the UK would spend time in Hastings and that meant that for Dan Lacey, growing up on a BMX was like being on a road with the best pros in the world every weekend in your hometown. Dan embraced every second of that opportunity, and these days Dan Lacey is regarded as one of the best BMX street riders in the world, throwing the biggest 3’s down stair sets which Dan has become famous for. Be it on the road with the dub crew or at home in Hastings where is all started, Lacey is BMX through and through and is dedicated to being the best he can be, whatever it takes. Lacey made his first Street appearance in the X Games in 2010, when he finished 11th. Lacey also bagged a victory in the Street final at the 2013 Dew Tour Beach Championships where he landed an insane backward grind to over toothpick down the rail which also won him the best trick award. Aside from an extensive contest history, Dan has also dropped multiple video part sections such as his ender ender in our full length iTunes release 'ABOVE BELOW'. Check it out now for a perfect example of 'doin it right'.

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