Christian RIGAL

Christian RIGAL


Jason Watts Haro 2017 - DIG BMX

Jason Watts blasts off in San Diego! Any rider who hauls ass on his way into deep concrete bowls is going to be an instant favorite here at DIG. And wait to you see THAT 360 he starts a line off with, it's just straight up awesome. Speed, style, and the the tricks to complete the package. Decade to manual and hanger to 180 lookback shouldn't look so easy. Easily one of the top videos of the year.

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Tyler Fernengel's Insane 2016 Haro BMX Section!

Two years of stacking clips, injuries, pain, recovery, and life in between have all led to this. Four minutes of high-speed, hit you over the head riding from the one and only Tyler Fernengel for Haro BMX! Tyler's signature "TF" frame from Haro will be available in March and is available for preorder from your local shop, so keep an eye out for it! Film/edit: Christian Rigal Subscribe to our channel for more videos!

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Sosh Urban Motion 4 : Alex Donnachie x Christian Rigal - 1ère place

Alex Donnachie est un des meilleurs riders de la planète. Le réalisateur Christian Rigal partait donc avec un coup d'avance, qu'il a su exploiter avec une réalisation propre et dynamique. Première place quasi-unanime des juges ! #SoshUrbanMotion 4e édition BMX Vidéo Contest duo BMX : l’un ride, l’autre le filme ! Abonnez-vous : Facebook : Twitter :

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Ryan Nyquist - Haro Bikes

Ryan Nyquist is 36 years of age. Some of the tricks he filmed for this video are his most difficult and they're all part of his greatest hits collection reserved for contests runs. Some of Ryan’s signature tricks have been contest winners over the past 20 years.  Look for a few brand new ones too like the truck to suicide to bar, 360 barspin-and-a-half to 360 barspin-and-a-half on the next set, cannonball to barspin and nothing to suicide. Ryan really hasn't lost any tricks over the years and here's proof. Ryan's bike of choice is the Haro Lineage. Video by Christian Rigal filmed in Northern California.

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2015 Haro Complete Bikes

Our 2015 range is out now and includes the Downtown, Boulevard, Midway, Plaza and SDv2 Enarson model.  Thanks to Ryan Nyquist, Mike Gray, Jason Watts, Tyler Fernengel and Dennis Enason for the guest appearances.  Video by Cristian Rigal. Visit for more info, including our dealer locator.

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