Jain KIM

Jain KIM
Ilsan, South Korea



28 years old

Hi, my name is Jain Kim. My discipline is climbing lead and boulder. I was born on 11 September 1988 .


When your parents meet through a common love of mountaineering and you've spent your childhood watching your older brothers climbing walls, it’s inevitable that one day you’ll follow their lead and find yourself high above ground alongside them. This is what happened to Jain Kim, Korea’s strongest sport climber and lead and boulder specialist.

For Jain Kim, it’s all about the challenge in front of her and about figuring out the best route to get to the top. Jain knows that each type of climb uses different muscles but that, crucially, each type of climb uses the brain. This is what she admires in other climbers too – always observing how they choose to get to the top and how their routes differ from hers.

Jain Kim has made the most of her talents with first place overall in the IFSC Climbing World Cup for lead in 2013 and 2014, first place overall in IFSC Climbing World Cup combined lead/boulder in 2015, and first place overall in lead at the 2014 IFSC Climbing World Championships.

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