John MEL

John MEL



17 years old

1.83 m

John Mel was born into a surfing legacy along the coastal town of Santa Cruz, California. His grandfather, also named John Mel, is a surfer and holds a Kneeboard World Title. While John’s father, Peter Mel, is a professional surfer and the 2012 Big Wave World Champion. ! At the tender age of six John learned to surf on his own in the warm waters of Mexico. Under the guidance of his father, John continues to relish in the surfer’s lifestyle.

Being a young competitor, John holds three National titles in surfing and is an up and coming international competitor. He is a world traveled athlete who spends more time on the road than at home in his current town of Newport Beach, California. When John is not surfing he catches up on his studies online in a homeschool program fitting for his busy schedule. He also enjoys skateboarding and golfing to hone his repertoire. Another of John’s hobbies is movie making. With his mom and dad’s help filming him around the world, he edits and composes his own surf movies. John has also acted along side Helen Hunt in “Ride".

John is an endorsed athlete who represents his sponsors with esteem in catalogs, e-commerce, ad campaigns and in the pages of surf magazines and websites. Along with his surfing, John is very well spoken and loves to give a good interview. You can find his many YouTube clips to be entertaining and uplifting

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