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The Don. The title is one reserved for nobility, somone who is held in the highest of esteem; a title of distinction. Someone of influence. In snowboarding, the title was bestowed upon one of the most influential shredders the sport has ever known: John Paul "JP" Walker.

Via Snowboarder Magazine (an apt summation of why JP is who he is and held in such high regard): Whether filling a timeline with nothing but a stack of switch tricks, instigating the double cork craze, flossing his fronts in a Brabus, zipline afterbanging, Ninety-degree concrete corner redirecting, or doing a frontisde 270 to backlip way back in 1999, JP Walker has thrown a few checks in, but never actually slowed down. JP is widely credited as “The Don” of the modern jib movement and this distinction is definitely due. As a part of the late 90s new-school vanguard, JP’s natural jumping talents made people pay attention. Since Walker was a superior rider, everything he did was taken seriously, including the jibbing. Video parts became the medium to document this urban uprising and in no time, brim beanies, green bindings, and pants pulled over the highbacks became a ubiquitous part of the on-hill uniform for kids from SLC to Stowe to Squamish and at all the down bars in between.


  • 6x Snowboarder Magazine Rider of the Year
  • Countless Influential Video Parts
  • Onboard Magazine's "Jibber of All Time"
  • 2010 – Transworld Snowboarding's "Best Freestyle Rider"
  • 2009 – Filmed 100% Switch for "This Video Sucks"

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