Justine DUPONT

Justine DUPONT
Seignosse, France



25 years old

ustine grew up in the Southwest of France. She now lives in Seignosse.

Professional surfer, multiple national and european champion of both surfing and longboarding division, Justine is above all passionate about the ocean and the nature.

This natural and sparkling young women, recognizable with her blonde curly hair, loves adventures and challenges.

In 2013, she became the woman who surfed the biggest wave in the world, mastering a 15 meter wave at the notorious spot of Belharra.

After being repeatedly in the top 3 of the world longboarding ranking, Justine is going to make every effort to finally bring home this main title which has escaped her yet.

In 2016, Justine became vice world champion of women big waves surfing during the first ever women big wave event.

The achievement is even greater when we know that Justine was surfing the monster wave of Jaws for the first time during that contest.

She is winning in the row the first big wave event in Europe during La Vacca XXL in Spain.

Her career is rapidly expanding, and the personality of this young woman arouses many interests.

A documentary movie concerning her, title “La Fiancée de l’Océan” has been spread on TV and DVD end of 2016. It has already received many awards during summer festivals.

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