Izmir, Turkey



28 years old

Hi, my name is Lena Aylin Erdil. My discipline is windsurfing slalom. My friends call meThe Erdinator. I was born on 28 March 1989 in Izmir, Turkey. My special talent isboard sports and languages. My philosophy of life is if you really want something, the whole universe will conspire to help you to achieve your goal (Paulo Coelho). My favourite food is chocolate, but I also really love a good Italian pizza or pasta. My favourite music is Incubus, Radiohead, Nneka, Angus and Julia Stone, Massive Attack.


Lena Erdil was born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1989. When she was two years old, her family moved to Germany, returning to Çeşme, Turkey, with her father for summer holidays, during which she learned to windsurf.

Throughout her high school years, Lena continued to return to Çeşme and started attending races when she was 15. In 2005, she became the Turkish junior champion and spent the following year camping and windsurfing in Hawaii and Bodrum.

Lena received an athlete grant from Sussex University and in 2009 the university awarded her the right to study philosophy and politics. 2008 saw Lena come in fourth place in the PWA World Championship in Çeşme. She won her first race during the Aruba leg of the PWA Championship in 2011, the same year that she joined the Red Bull family.

Lena has since earned top 10 finishes in the PWA Championship in Women's Slalom, with her ultimate goal to become World Champion sometime in the near future.

She also runs the Lena Erdil Windsurf Center in Turkey since 2007, hosting events such as the awesome Pro-X-Train training camp for professional athletes to get ready for competition… by competing.


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