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Hi, my name is Levi Siver. My discipline iswindsurfing freestyle. I was born on 23 December 1980 in Idaho, USA. My special talent is snowboarding... Terje Haakonsen drove my ambition to work on the Red Bull windsurfing movies. My philosophy of life is Live life day by day, smile, and enjoy the ride. The most important person in my life is my parents who have supported me and allowed me to follow my dreams. My favourite food is mexican. My favourite music is Led Zeppelin.


Levi Siver didn’t take to windsurfing right away – he was born in landlocked Idaho, after all – but once he found his calling, there was no stopping him from reaching the sport’s heighest levels. He’s a contest veteran with many wins to his name, but his true passion lies in freestyle windsurfing, where he’s considered a pioneer who’s made his own mark on the sport.

Siver was born in Ketchum, Idaho, near the snowy slopes of Sun Valley. As a kid, he took to skiing, snowboarding, and skateboarding, but his parents had a passion all of their own: windsurfing.

“My parents were diehard windsurfers and they would always drag my brother and me on windsurfing trips,” Levi says. “Eventually we got tired of just sitting there watching our mom and dad.”

In 1991, when Levi was 11 years old, his family moved to the shores of Maui, cementing Levi’s future calling as a professional windsurfer. “I had never lived on an island, so it was an extreme change of environment,” Levi says.

He started competing in junior windsurfing contests right away, and athough he didn’t love competition immediately, he says it was a good experience for him and taught him the ways of the ocean.

Through his teens and early 20s, Levi competed on the World Cup circuit, earning top results against some of the most elite windsurfers in the world. In 1993, at age 13, he got fifth place at his first World Cup contest, held in Baja, California.

But the competition scene began to lose its appeal and Levi was drawn toward the world of filming and windsurfing for himself, not for a panel of judges. “My heart was always in freeriding,” Levi says. “Leaving competition for a while let me grow into the rider I always wanted to be.”

He starred in two of the biggest windsurfing movies ever made, 2007’s The Windsurfing Movie, by Poor Boyz Productions, and the 2010 follow-up, The Windsurfing Movie II. He also appeared in the 2010 movie Oxbow Waterman Experience.

Levi grew up watching snowboard movies, so filming felt familiar to him, a chance to show who he really was as an athlete in a way that no contest ever could.

“Being able to create a story and going to quality locations with ideal conditions was really compelling to me,” Levi says. “It was more about creativity than competition.”

Recently, Levi has returned to competition, joining the ranks of the American Windsurfing Tour. “I eventually went back to competing, but on my own terms this time,” Levi says. “And that’s when I had the best results of my career.”

In 2013, he scored third at the AWT stop at Pistol River, Oregon, and won the event the following year. He also earned a victory at the JP Aloha Classic at home in Maui in 2013.

He has no plans to leave Hawaii anytime soon – as far as he’s concerned, he lives in paradise. “I love the waves and the ocean,” Levi says. “It’s a never-ending challenge and a playground that’s always different.”

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