32 years old

Hi, my name is Marco Waltenspiel. My discipline is BASE jumping and wingsuit flying. I was born on 16 July 1984 in Oberndorf, Austria. My philosophy of life is take it as it comes and make it a little better.


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Marco Waltenspiel with the finesse of the former, and the velocity of the latter! Born in 1984, Marco has been skydiving since he was 17 and has completed thousands of jumps in the intervening years.

His early competitive career highlights included taking third place at the European Championships (Junior) and fourth in the World Championships (Junior) in 2006, as well as first place at the European Paraboard Championships and the Austrian State Championships (Team).

However, Marco now spends the majority of his time with the Red Bull Skydive Team – a team with one passion: pushing the boundaries of conventional freefall. On a daily basis the team demonstrate breathtaking formations, BASE and wingsuit activities, tandem jumps and special projects such as the (Blani) X-Files. Their jumps are performed in the open air all around the world and have thrilled and delighted thousands of people.

In 2012, Marco took the opportunity to team up with Red Bull Media House to film his phenomenal skills in action. The movie comprised an awe-inspiring BASE jump from a helicopter over the razor-sharp rock faces of Schafberg Mountain in St Wolfgang, Austria.

More recently, Marco and the Red Bull Skydive Team took to the skies over Abu Dhabi, UAE to mark the beginning of the Red Bull Air Race 2014 season. They made a flight over a smoking, active volcano in 2015. They've also been seen playing on the longest, highet swing ever as part of the spectacular Megaswing project.


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