Massimiliano PIFFARETTI

Massimiliano PIFFARETTI
Como, Italy



22 years old

Hi, my name is Massimiliano Piffaretti. My discipline is wakeboarding boat. My friends call me Piffa. I was born on 2 April 1995 in Lake Como, Italy. My special talent is shredding on a wakeboard, snowboard or skateboard.


At just seven years old, Massimiliano Piffaretti was inspired by his wakeboarding cousins to jump on a board and go for the ride of his life.

That first encounter with the sport quickly became a passion for the Italian, and Massi began competing at eight years old, but he didn't dare to think that wakeboarding could become his career – until he made a life-changing trip to the USA to train at just 15.

Motivated by his stateside adventure, Massi caught the travel bug and wanted to keep exploring the world outside his native Italy.

These days, he travels between Australia, Italy and the US to wakeboard with his friends and all the people who helped him to become who he is today.

In November 2015, at 20, he won the gold medal at the World Championships in Cancun, Mexico, becoming the first Italian in history to achieve this result.

The Italian, European and World Champion is happiest when he’s just shredding it, whether he’s wakeboarding, snowboarding or skateboarding. As long as he has a board under his feet, he’s happy.

Massi has dedicated his life to his sport, and trains almost every day. He describes his greatest goal in life as becoming one of the best wakeboard riders in the world (which he's pretty much done), but at heart he’s a modest guy who’s just happy to be living life and doing what he loves.


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