Louisville, United States



23 years old

Hi, my name is Mike Dowdy. My discipline is wakeboarding boat and cable. I was born on 1 February 1994 in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. My philosophy of life is you can't change the past and can't control the future.


Mike Dowdy made a splash on the wake scene as the top talent in the Juniors division, and is currently shaking things up in the Pros. Born in Kentucky, he grew up in Michigan and has taken to the Florida waters to practise his sport, and pull off a few new tricks to call his own.

"If it wasn't for bad sets, there wouldn't be good ones," says Mike as he soaks up every opportunity to make it to the top, in both boat and cable disciplines. "People who appreciate what I do on the water give me the motivation to keep going."

2013 was the year that Mike changed the face of wakeboarding with a few new tricks and solid riding that earned him numerous awards. In early 2014 he suffered his first major injury when he tore his ACL, and though it meant sitting out a few of his favourite competitions it was impossible for Mike to keep still for long.

When he isn't killing the competition, Mike enjoys skateboarding, painting and hanging with friends.

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