Mounir BIBA

Mounir BIBA



Vagabond Crew’s key dancer and winner of the most breakdance championship titles in the world, Mounir has become a point of reference in the field. He has one of the most impressive track records, which includes 9 world champion titles, 3 vice-world champion titles, 5 french champion titles and 1 european champion title.
Motivational speaker and personal trainer, he created HWE Hard Work Easy Everything in 2013 to inspire people by sharing his experience of the high level. 
Form his experience with Vagabond Crew, Mounir has learned to be dedicated, hardworking and patient.
With over 20 years of experience, Mounir has emerged as one of the most successful bboys and proved that only a constant and methodical work achieves such performance.
Mounir travels the world seeking diversity, as well as artistic and athletic excellence.

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