Moscow, Russia



33 years old

Hi, my name is Olya Raskina. My discipline is windsurfing . I was born on 14 March 1984 in Moscow, Russia. My special talent is snowboarding – I was semi-pro before I discovered my passion for windsurfing.


Unlike some athletes who realise their calling from an early age, Russian windsurfing pro Olya Raskina took a little longer to find ‘her’ sport. Born in Moscow in 1984, Raskina initially fell in love with snowboarding. She started travelling when she was 13 and soon became a semi-pro rider, and even tried her hand at being an instructor in the French Alps.

In 2005, during her trip to Egypt, she tried windsurfing for the first time and the moment she set foot on the board, she instantly realised that it was windsurfing that was actually ‘her’ sport.

Less than two years later, she had already made her way into the top 10 at Windsurfing World Tour competitions, and by 2014 she was placed fourth in the freestyle world ranking!

Aside from the competitions, she continues to travel around the world in search for wind and new places to ride. Olya also started Windsurf Beauties Camp, a place where young girls willing to learn windsurfing can come and learn the tricks of the trade.


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