33 years old

Olya grew up in Moscow, Russia where she did all her studies and finished International University in Moscow as a professional linguist and a teacher of English, French, German and Russian to foreigners. She was snowboarding and doing all the winter sports until the day she tried windsurfing in Dahab, Egypt. She got very keen to learn freestyle as it was very similar to snowboarding, so she stayed in Egypt working at a Five Square windsurf center. Her first trip to the ocean in South Africa in 2007 changed her life as she decided to start wave riding and surfing and dedicate her life to it. Nowadays Olya sails pretty much everywhere from Hawaii starboard tack to One Eye on Mauritius port tack on big days. She organizes and teaches at Windsurf Beauties camps for water ladies of all ages, nationalities and windsurfing skills. She also organizes and teaches kids at JP NP Young Gun camps in Dahab, Egypt together with her windsurfing partner and another great Russian sailor Svetlana Martynova. Check out their camps at windsurfbeauties.com. Olya also directs a new Russian windsurf movie MIO or Made in Ocean check will be online in the next few months.

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