18 years old

I'm Pablo Signoret, a french slackliner, and I'm here to push the limits of this amazing sport !

The first time I discovered slacklining was 3 years ago, then I didn't practice at all for one year and it's only during summer 2013 that I started to spend all my free time on the line. It all began (again) from a truck webbing in the park, and step by step my lines started to get longer and longer, higher and higher... That's how I quickly arrived to highlining ! I fell addicted to the feeling of fighting against myself, trying to understand the balance and reaching the perfect control of my body : that's what pushes me to walk over my limits ! Before slacklining, I had never found a discipline where I could spend time with the community that was as enjoyable than practicing the sport itself, and that's why I travel around for festivals and meeting countless amazing people. Slackline brings me a lot and helps me to shape my mind ! I'm super excited about crushing some heavy, long and saggy highline in the future, but I've to be careful, because if safety first, school remains second!

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