Peter MEL

Peter MEL
Santa Cruz , United-States



47 years old

1.88 m

Peter Mel's name is synonymous with big wave riding. The Santa Cruz native was a paddle-in pioneer at Maverick's in the 90's. During the landmark El Nino winter of 1997-1998, Peter was regarded as The Man and earned a special award created just for him at that year's Big Wave Awards. When tow-ins started happening he trained hard with the new equipment and was rewarded with massive waves on the historic first voyage to Cortes Bank in 2001.

Peter was born and raised along the coastline of Santa Cruz, California. Growing up in this surf community and following his dad’s footsteps of his family surf shop, Peter soon became one of the worlds most well known big wave surfers. Winning the Big Wave World champion and the Maverick Invitational in 2012 are just a couple of his stand out accomplishments. 

Peter's a big guy, 6'4", and he uses his long arms to majestic effect on his patented Condor cutbacks. Peter is always a threat at Quiksilver's Eddie Aikau and Mavericks events. He surfs Mav's whenever it breaks and practices for it during the summer in draining barrels in Tahiti and Mainland Mexico.

In recent years he's become one of the best surf commentators and webcast commentators in the business. He's also a family man who loves to go surfing with his two kids.

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