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Hi, my name is Aaron Colton. My discipline isstreet freestyle. My friends call me AC. I was born on 27 November 1991 in Seattle, USA. My special talent isshowboating wheel stands. My philosophy of life is if it feels good, do it. The most important person in my life is my girlfriend, Daniela; I am literally a mess without her. My favourite food isanything that comes from my global travel adventures. My favourite music is the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack.


Aaron Colton’s gained a broad respect throughout all disciplines of motorcycling, competing in Street Freestyle, AMA Pro Road Racing and AMA Pro Flat Track, as well as a handful of WORCS, supermoto and motocross races. His demo program on his KTM spans across the United States with 25-plus activations and an additional two to three activation tours outside the Continental US each year.

Aaron learned how to ride at the age of two with his first bike, a Yamaha PW50. However, his interest in motorcycling didn’t spark until the age of 12, riding alongside his father on trails and motocross parks nearby his hometown of Shakopee, Minnesota. It was at this time that Aaron started to develop an interest in the Street Freestyle scene with his father learning and teaching him the general basics of 'stunt riding'.

By the time Aaron reached the age of 13, his riding ability brought him into the competition scene of street freestyle, with his becoming the youngest XDL National Stunt Riding Champion at the age of 15. Since then, Aaron has gone on to win multiple championships.

As a versatile athlete, Aaron has continued to evolve his career with respected companies and organisations as one of the most recognised street freestyle riders in the world.

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The Raw Sounds of Street Riding w/ Aaron Colton at Donner Pass | Sound of Sport

What does a streetbike truly sound like? Well, grab your headphones and crank the volume! Watch and listen as Aaron Colton takes you on an unprecedented ride into the most intimate details of his sport's sound.  Sound of Sport is a series partnered with DTS Audio using top-tier sound technology to bring viewers into the world of sport in a way never before seen (or heard). The first installment of the series takes us to Donner Pass with motorcycle stunt ace, Aaron Colton.

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