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29 years old

Alex is a climber since his early ages on. He grew up in a climbing family where vacations always took place on famous rock climbing destinations like Arco, Finale or the Gorge du Verdon. With eleven years Alex began to fully connect with the sport that was to feature so strongly in his life. 
His incredible ticklist of climbs – from 8b+ traditional routes with huge run-outs through to WI6+ ice climbs and 8c+ sport routes – lands Luger in the top 0.1% of climbers operating in the world today. Known for his hard new routes with minimal gear and no bolts, Luger puts this bold style down to his upbringing.

Biggest accomplishments: 

First ascent of The Gift 8c alpine/trad, Drusenfluh Rätikon
First repeat of Prinzip Hoffnung E9 /8b, trad clean, Bürser Platte
First ascent of Psychogramm 8b+ trad clean, Bürser Platte
First ascent of Sangre de Toro 8b+ alpine, Rote Wand
First ascent of Stourraniibi WI6 M7 clean 6 pitches, Norway
Free solo ground up of Zerstoere dein Ego 8a+, Ardetzenberg
First Ascent of The Winners Loose It All Some Day (WI5 /M6 X/ clean /300m)
First ascent of Piece Of Mind (WI5+ /M6 /clean /250m)

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