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Alexandra, is the 2014 women’s world champion. The youngest world champion in the sports history! Alexandra was already considered one of the the best young bodyboarders coming out of the Canary Islands. This is no easy accomplishment, in a region notorious for it’s heavy slabs and technical wave bravado. In a region where every comp can be a rookies worse nightmare, she has thrived. Her relentless passion for the sport has fueled this young world champions skill level, a level that will be growing for many years to come.

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IBA Super Groms - Alexandra Rinder

14 year old Alexandra Rinder, talks about bodyboarding and her first trip to Hawaii to compete at the 2013 IBA GoPro Pipeline Challenge.

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Kamehameha - Alexandra Rinder

Alexandra Rinder , the current APB women's world champion took the decision to head despite the cancellation of the Pipeline event to the North of Oahu. Alexandra trained very hard everydays surfing all type of conditions. She surfed some of the biggest waves of her life and showed impressive skills and confidence. You can expect big things this year from the 16years old Canarian lady who will try to defend her world title.

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