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Hi, my name is Andy Farrington. My discipline is skydiving and canopy piloting. My friends call me The Kid or just Air. I was born on 15 August 1982 in Taucoma, Washington, USA. My special talent is clay pigeon shooting and aeroplane acrobatics.


Born in 1982, Andy Farrington is the youngest member of the Red Bull Air Force but, in a sense, he has the longest flying history. Andy’s mum, Jessie, made about 100 jumps while he was in utero – riding tandem, so to speak. Maybe that explains why he’s such a natural in the sky.

An expert in multiple disciplines, he has won the Pro Swooping Tour, captured the Red Bull Championship in 2003, and earned first place in accuracy and second place overall at the canopy piloting World Championships.

Andy is as laid back as they come – perhaps his easy nature comes from the knowledge that he’s already beaten one of the worst hands life can deal. Andy was diagnosed with cancer at age two and, after doctors removed a kidney, they forbade his participation in mainstream sports.

“Fortunately, my skydiving family didn’t see any problem with jumping out of a plane!”, Andy laughs. He made his first tandem jump at age 12, went solo at 16, and has since accumulated over 16,000 skydives, over 1,000 BASE jumps, and 3,000 hours as a pilot.

Andy is in demand as an aerial videographer and photographer, but recently he’s been spending time in front of the camera as well. A star of the Human Flight 3D feature film, Andy was also chosen as one of five stunt fliers chosen for Transformers 3, featuring the first-ever BASE jump from Chicago’s Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.

In addition, Andy was part of Red Bull team recruited to play civilians in the high-octane 'barrel of monkeys' aerial action sequence in Iron Man 3. Just another day in the office for this skydiving, BASE jumping ace.


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GoPro View of Wingsuit Racing w/ Andy Farrington | Red Bull Aces

Hit the skies with Andy Farrington for a point-of-view look at how gnarly and aggressive wingsuite 4-cross racing is. Wearing cutting-edge wingsuits specially developed for the blinding speed, aggressive turns and steep dives of the unique format, the pilots for Red Bull Aces pushed limits with some of the tightest heats in history, delivering frequent lead changes and photo finishes. 

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Andy Farrington | WWL Flight Line | Ep 10

"Flight Line" Ep 10: Andy Farrington made his first skydive at age 12 with his father, then started jumping in earnest four years later when he made 15 jumps on his 16th birthday. Since then, Andy has made almost 20,000 parachute jumps and become an internationally-known and highly respected all-round parachutist. He has competed in freefall and canopy piloting events at the national and international level, and was the 2005 world champion in canopy piloting accuracy. Andy has made more than 3,000 total wingsuit flights, including 600 wingsuit BASE jumps and stunt jumps for Transformers 3, Ironman 3 and Godzilla. He recently won the inaugural Red Bull Aces race in the USA.

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