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17 years old

Hi, my name is Angelo Caro. My discipline is skateboarding. My friends call me Shiato. I was born on 27 August 1999 in Chiclayo, Peru. My special talent is switch tailslides on hubbas. My philosophy of life is ‘skate or die’. The most important person in my life is my family. My favourite food is puca picante. My favourite music is Childhoods by Mr. Green.


Normally at 10 years of age, children play with toy cars and dolls, imagine stories and adventures, or ride bike with training wheels. Caro Angelo's case is different. It was at 10 years old when he first set foot on a skateboard and was smitten for life.

On the corner of his block in his native Peru, his older brother Fabrizio gave him a go on his board and that was that. Fast forward a few months and a trip to the market with his uncle saw Angelo become the proud owner of a board to call his own and his life in service of the board began in earnest.

In a country like Peru, where skateboarding is still not common, Angelo has pushed himself to progress by hunting out his own spots and stepping up his skill level on bigger architecture.

Angelo has a really supportive family who have travelled with him whenever he has had to be on the road, and as Peru’s entrant for the 2015 Skate Arcade final in Lisbon, he was only beaten into second place by the narrowest of margins. Proving that you don’t have to be a full-grown man to rip like one, Angelo has been tipped by seasoned watchers of the Latin American skate scene as a real prospect for the Next Big Thing from a continent with a long track record of producing shocking skaters!

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DC Shoes: Recap por Angelo Caro

Resultado de reunir algunas tomas pasadas de Angelo junto con material inédito.  ¡Disfruten! Edición: Pablo García Vizcarra

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DC Shoes: Commitment por Angelo Caro

"Commitment" by Angelo Caro. The commitmennt is something essential to stand out in skateboarding. In the first part of the four that we are going to show with each one of our riders, Angelo Caro with only 14 years old and 4 years in the skateboarding shows his commitment to the sport and with his skill makes clear why he is considered one of the skaters with most projection in the country.

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Congrats to Jamie Foy on earning his spot to X Games Austin 2015.

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