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Anthony PERRIN
Tarare, FR


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23 years old

Hi, my name is Anthony Perrin. My discipline is BMX street. My friends call me P'tit Chase. I was born on 25 May 1994 in Tarare, France. My favourite food is bacon, egg and cheese on toast. My favourite music is reggae or hip-hop.


Anthony Perrin is  known as P'tit Chase (Little Chase) because of his strong resemblance to US BMX star Chase Hawk.

Anthony caught the BMX bug when he started riding with friends at his local skatepark in Tarare, and while at school he would leave his bike in a locker so he could travel between classes in the imaginative ways he'd daydreamed of doing while he was supposed to be paying attention to the teacher in class.

He befriended top French rider Georgy Doremus when he moved from Tarare to nearby Lyon, and together they competed in the FISE Xperience series. When Anthony won his first amateur contest, word started to get around about this gifted kid with the badly-fitting headgear. 

These days, Anthony takes to the streets to record his super-technical riding and celebrated "nose wheelies" for many epic videos, as well as taking part in international BMX Street events like Simple Session.

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Federal Bikes presents TOP SHELF

Federal Bikes presents "Top Shelf" filmed by Richard Forne. Featuring Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffmann, Anthony Perrin, Roy Van Kempen and Michal Smelko. Shot in Amsterdam. Soundtrack - TICK OF THE CLOCK - CHROMATICS ROLE OF LIFE - VINNIE PAZ THE LIVING END - JESUS AND MARY CHAIN 2020 - SUUNS THE DEVIL MAY CARE (MOM AND DAD DON’T) - THE BRIAN JOHNSTOWN MASSACRE

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Anthony Perrin and Joris Coulomb mixtape

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FEDERAL BMX - The team travels to Madrid

The Federal team rider goes to Madrid to shoot a crazy edit.

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Vans Rebeljam 2014

After months of preparation and a killer season of high tempo competition behind them, this weekend saw Vans unleash some of the world’s finest BMXers on London for the Vans Rebeljam. In its first visit to the UK’s capital, the event took over the York Hall Leisure Centre in East London – a venue with a long history of showdowns, as the site is perhaps best known as one of the nation’s most loved boxing arenas. Vans Rebeljam 2014 Winners: 1st Place // Alex Donnachie (UK) 2nd Place // Garrett Reynolds (USA) 3rd Place // Alex Kennedy (UK) Special Awards Creativity Award // Bruno Hoffman (DE) Style Award // Kevin Kalkoff (FR) Hardest Trick Award // Joris Coulomb (FR)

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Anthony Perrin - BMX video

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