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20 years old

Q: What are your aspirations?
A: I want to be a motocross/supercross champion.
Q: What is your favorite track to race? 
A: Pala Raceway
Q: Who is your favorite pro rider?
A: Chad Reed/Jeremy McGrath
Q: How many years have you been riding? 
A: 10
Q: What has been your most memorable race? 
A: Winning Loretta Lynns.
Q: Do you have other hobbies?
A: Snowboarding, BMX, and Skateboarding.
Q: Tell us a little known fact about yourself. 
A: I love to ride my dirt bike and I rip on 4 wheels.

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We met up with 5 of the most badass dudes in motocross. Loaded up into a motorhome and headed to St. Anthony Sand Dunes in Idaho. 5th gear peak to peak doubles they found the biggest jumps the sand had to offer. Watch as Axell Hodges, Josh Hill, Harry Bink, Blake Williams, and Dakota Tedder capture some of the gnarliest footage.

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Axell Hodges Stylin' at the Stewart Compound

18 year old Axell Hodges from Encinitas, CA is tearing up the A class. Watch him throw down at the Stewart compound in Florida. 

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