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Bob Burnquist starting skating in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the age of 11, before the sport consumed the country and captivated the world. By 14, he had turned pro. In 1995, he showed up, entered and won the Slam City Jam and has been wowing crowds with his skating ever since.

Capable in all disciplines, Bob has set himself apart primarily in Vert and MegaRamp – which could be due in part to the fact that he has a private half-pipe and MegaRamp at his home, which he calls “Dreamland,” in Southern California. However, his talents and interests are not limited to skateboarding. Some of Bob’s other accomplishments include carrying the Olympic torch, skydiving, BASE jumping, piloting airplanes and helicopters, and overseeing his own organic farm.

Bob’s continuing progression has earned him a much-deserved spot at the top of the skateboard hierarchy. Even the great Tony Hawk refers to Bob as his favorite skater. However, it’s Bob’s passion for living a healthy, humane lifestyle and helping others do the same that he considers to be his top achievement.


  • 25x Summer X Games Medalist – X Games Medal Count Record Holder
  • First Skateboarder to Land a Mega Fakie to Fakie 900 (Sept. 4, 2010)
  • Co-founder of the Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC)
  • First Skateboarder to Go All the Way Around a Full Pipe
  • Featured in the Hit Video Game Series, "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater"
  • Creator of the “Burntwist" and “Bob Flip Christ Air”
  • 4x Gravity Games Medalist 
  • 6x Winner Transworld Rider's Award
  • 2002: Laureus World of Sports "Alternative Sportsperson of the Year"
  • 1997: Thrasher Magazine’s “Skater of the Year”

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MEGA RAMP THROW DOWNS!! Real life Skate 3

Beaver Fleming throwing down some tricks on Bob Burnquist's Mega ramp!  

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Bob Burnquist no Deserto

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Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland": A Backyard Progression

Among the most influential skateboarders the industry has ever seen, Bob Burnquist is still innovating. In his new webisode series, Burnquist grants his fans exclusive access to the private domain in which so many of his contributions to skateboarding were born, his backyard in Southern California, better known as "Dreamland." Hence, "The Dreamland Series." To lead off the series, we see something from Burnquist that hasn't been seen since 2010: a full-length video part filled with never-before-seen footage. And, the Hip. Yes, he added a Hip feature onto his personal MegaRamp. A Hip that starts up on a hill and sends him across a 15-foot gap into the 25-foot quarterpipe. You know, something mellow. 

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X Games 2015 Big Air

Check out the Big Air competition from X Games 2015 in Austin, Texas. Featuring Jake Brown, Rony Gomes, Tom Schaar, Elliot Sloan, and Bob Burnquist.

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BFFS: Bob Burnquist

Bob is straight up bonkers. The following six and a half minutes of raw vert destruction is gonna leave your jaw on the floor.

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