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My name’s Brandon Schmidt and I’m straight out the 973 Dirty Jersey. My style of riding is about being upside down, frontflips, backflips, corks, anyway to put myself into my comfort zone.  My biggest accomplishment in life is traveling around the world with Nitro Circus Live, riding in the shows, and checking off bucket list items like I’m dying tomorrow. Not only do I snowboard, I BMX, skate, and pretty much ride anything that has wheels. Aside from my love of all action sports my second love is cars, specifically European cars with those wide rear ends. I’ll leave you with this, I never thought I could be where I am today, but I had the dream and I chased it. Chase your dreams.


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World’s First Roller Board Triple Backflip – Brandon Schmidt

Brandon Schmidt takes his triple to the big ramp and sticks it, earning his spot in the Nitro history books. Catch Schmidty and the rest of the Nitro Circus crew when they come to a city near you! Tour dates here: Subscribe here: Connect with us: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

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BMX Double Backflip 360 - First Nitro Circus Aussie Roll!

First, we check in with Trevor Jacob to see how he takes his work home with him. Then Brandon Schmidt collects the bounty for being the first Nitro Circus star to nail the famed Aussie Roll off our Gigant-A-Ramp - a BMX Double Backflip 360. Click here for more Action Figures: Connect with us: Nitro Circus on Facebook: Nitro Circus on Instagram: Nitro Circus on Twitter:

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Travis Bares It All in the Wildest Winter Wonderland

After a day on boards and snowmobiles, the Nitro Circus gang decides to create their own version of the arctic plunge. Featuring Travis, Crum, Ethen Roberts, Brandon Schmidt and Fuzzy Hall.

4:40 8 563