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I grew up in a small town in Nebraska with a big dream to make it in motocross. I wasn't into football so instead I rode dirt bikes. After graduating High School I told my dad I wanted to move to california to pursue my dream of becoming a dirt bike rider. I told him that if it didn't work out after a year that I would move back home. I chased my dream to california in an old truck with my dirt bike and a credit card. I ended up winning the 1997 Supercross at the LA Colesium and ghost rode my bike across the finish line. I formed a bad ass group called the Metal Mulisha and went on to win 10 X-Games Medals! I've done stunts and appeared in movies XXX, Fantastic Four, Spider Man, etc... 

Oh yeah I payed my dues almost dying three seperate times! Once I got hit by a helicopter doing a commercial nextIi crashed at the winter x games and broke my femur in four spots, both wrists and lost two pints of blood then I crashed doing a backflip on my motorcycle filming on the reality show Viva La Bam lacerating my spleen, exploding my kydney and lost four pints of blood! Yes I saw the light on the last one and relized GOD is watching over me! I have had my crazy times now I try to take life a little easier. I couldn't ask for a better life! Thanks to everyone that has beleived in me!


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Twice - The Cam Sinclair Story

Twice - The Cam Sinclair Story. Check out the trailer for this awesome FMX film by The Southside Drive Inn. TWICE is the story of Cam Sinclair's near death experience attempting a double back flip and his inspiring recovery and return to the podiums of motorcross. Starring Travis Pastrana, Cam Sinclair, Bilko, Brian Deegan & many more! Follow Cam Sinclair's battle through intense rehabilitation. Then witness one of sports' greatest comebacks and ride with him on his road back to the top of extreme sports and against all odds, achieving his dream. An intense documentary of courage, friendship and determination - TWICE THE CAM SINCLAIR STORY.

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Mountain bike

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A jump of 60 m long with a Truck !

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