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Hi, my name is Bruna Kajiya. My discipline iskitesurfing freestyle. My friends call me Bru. I was born on 25 February 1987 in Vinhedo, São Paulo, Brazil. My special talent is to break things, everything I touch seems to break. My philosophy of life is learn from your difficulties, take the best of them an move forward. My favourite food is my dad's baked fish wrapped in banana leaf. My favourite music is Ben Howard.


World champion freestyle kitesurfer Bruna Kajiya is an amazing ambassador for her sport, and is dedicated to getting more girls involved and on the water.

The Brazilian athlete is known for her powerful, stylish riding and has racked up an impressive collection of trophies since she began competing. As well as claiming the national title a remarkable four times, Bruna was PKRA World Tour vice champion three years in a row before finally taking the top spot in 2009.

Her favourite move is the powered back mobe and Bruna admits that her path into kitesurfing came about by fluke, after a surfing accident prompted her to look at other sports. While attending college in Maui she discovered wakestyle riding and hasn’t looked back since.

“Always have fun on the water,” advises Bruna. “Sometimes I’ll be having a hard day freestyling and don’t enjoy it until I realise the conditions are perfect for surfing or big air. Try to see all the opportunities the kite offers you.”

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Kiteboarding a Salt Island

Perfect sunshine and winds between 15 and 20 knots are usually the recipe for just another training day in the life of PKRA Freestyle World Champion Bruna Kajiya, but on the last week of September 2012, Bruna took on a unique challenge 13 kilometers away from the coast of Rio Grande do Norte state in Northeastern Brazil: kiteboarding on a salt island. Bruna was joined by fellow Brazilian standout Reno Romeu as the pair tackled the Agua Branca Salt Terminal, a trading post through which over 2 million tons of salt are commercialized every year. The glistening crystalline surface providing a kiteboarding medium unlike any other, and challenged these world class kiteboarders to adapt and conquer the new terrain.

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WELCOME TO 2015 - Mystic Team

Mystic Team is ready for the 2015 season

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Kite : Bruna Kajiya - Triple S 2011

The recap of Bruna Kajiya's action and crowning at the Triple S 2011. Although she appears like a pretty sexy girl, she is also a great rider, able to compete with men!  

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