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The Michtape

DIG is proud to present the Mitchtape, a mix of street riding in Michigan and Ohio from the likes of Mikey Tyra, Connor Keating, Jeff Tabb, Cory Wiergowski, Chase Krolicki, Jacob Bullen, Tim Sulkowski, Chance Garrison, Nick Bullen, Cody Martz, Dillon Bell, Jamie Thayer, Alex Burnside, Jeremy Barger, Jacob Hosack, and Jason Govan. Music plays an integral role in BMX videos, and Michtape creator Alex Burnside provided some insight into the motivation behind this project and how it's soundtrack of Michigan-made music was chosen.

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Connor Keating - Albes X Colony BMX

Connor Keating holds it down solid for both Colony and Albes BMX. Filmed and edited by Alex Burnside. @colonybmxbrand

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