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22 years old

Hi, my name is Danny León. My discipline is skateboard park. My friends call me Danny. I was born on 1 December 1994 in Móstoles, Madrid, Spain. My special talent is cracking my knuckles. My favourite food is McDonalds.


Danny’s introduction to skateboarding was purely coincidental. One day, he peered out of his window to see a sports centre under construction. At first, he thought it was a swiming pool. Then- thankfully for us- he realised that it was actually a skate park. After many evenings of watching the local kids ripping up the park, Danny convinced his parents to buy him a board, and the rest is history. His progress was fast and furious and, before long, he was nailing tricks old and new, and gaining a reputation as one of the local rulers of the now- defunct Mostoles skatepark.

For Danny, the early days of entering contests around Spain was purely for fun and adventure, but, as the results and prize money started to increase, Danny realised he may be onto something. Full of ambition, Danny hopes to break through the national ceiling and earn his stripes amongst the international concrete skating elite.

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