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Sipping Jetstreams by Taylor Steele - Feat. Kelly Slater, Alex Gray, Andy Irons

From the markets and souks of Marrakech in Morocco, to the blues of the Atlantic in Barbados, from Japan to Cuba, Italy, Hong Kong, and Egypt, Sipping Jetsreams is a photographic journey of discovery and adventure. This two-year odyssey focuses not just on the surfing but the places and the faces of each destination. Subscribe to EchoBoom Sports! http://bit.ly/18VxJeD Check out the new http://www.echoboom.tv Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/echoboomsports Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EchoBoomSports Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/echoboomsports

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The Way It Should Be - Where We Live ft. Dave Rastovich

We’re all visitors… Profiling passionate people who've gravitated to the Northern Rivers for a more conscious lifestyle, The Way It Should Be series tells the stories of locals and their connection to our community, the environment and their craft. Our latest video, featuring coastal custodian Dave Rastovich, reminds us that we are all visitors on this Earth and so we have a collective responsibility. Rasta’s message is that by being conscious and treading lightly, we can move forward as individuals, as conscious businesses and as communities. We’re so lucky to call the Northern Rivers home and we hope you can share the stoke and be inspired by this special place and its people too. Director / DOP / Edit: Cape Productions / Pete Rogers Music: Cotton Jones "Somehow to keep it going" Sound Mix: Jordan T Power Colorist: Tim Wreyford Additional Footage: Nathan Oldfield, Rob Sherwood


Three Stones From The Sun - Dave Rastovich

Desillusion Magazine’s editor in chief Sebastien Zanella spent a few days with Dave "Rasta" Rastovich at his home in Byron bay. Known for his flawless approach to surfing, Rasta also opened up about his outlook on professional surfing, his philosophy on life and the joys of faded flowers. Supported by BILLABONG This short film is based on the article "Three Stones from the sun" published in Desillusion Magazine 49, Volume 1 Available here: bit.ly/1HzRT3b Music: 'The Mighty Rio Grande' by This Will Destroy You from This Will Destroy You itunes.apple.com/us/album/this-will-destroy-you/id266623593 Tower of Meaning by Arthur Russell from the album World of Echo itunes.apple.com/fr/album/world-of-echo/id905117516 B (The Phillistines Jr. Cover) By Jónsi & Alex - alltomorrowmusic.com/

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TOP 10 n° 23 : It's a bird, it's a plane ! No, this is Laird Hamilton !

Enjoy our TOP 10 n°23 : 1/ Laird Hamilton on the Flying Board - The Ultimate Waterman - Foil 2/ Welcome to the Team - Mason Ritter - Hoffman Bikes - BMX 3/ True To This - Growling on the North Shore - Volcom - Surf / Skate 4/ Bowl-A-Rama - Bondi 2015 - Highlights - Vans - Skate 5/ Wakeskate Bosnia and Herzegovina - Red Bull - Wakeskate 6/ TIGER Production - Students Video Match Showreel - Charles Tiger - Wake / Surf / Kite / Paddle / Sail 7/ Hard Enduro 2015 Flankers - Red Bull - Enduro 8/ Downhill Ride in Himalaya - Mercedes Benz - MTB 9/ / Light OS BMX / - Lavergne Julien - BMX 10/ Tubular Miracles in OZ - Billabong - Surf

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Tubular miracles in OZ

A perfect tubular left in Australia for the surfers of the Billabong team. It was the best surfing day in Australia for Ryan Callinan. 

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