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Hi, my name is Dawid Godziek. My discipline is BMX park and BMX dirt. My friends call me Szamanek. I was born on 10 August 1994 in Suszec, Poland. My special talent is big, smooth barspin trick combos. My favourite food is my mum’s dinners. My favourite music isanything with a good bass.


Polish native Dawid 'Szamanek' Godziek began his riding career as an MTB Freestyle rider, following in the footsteps of his older brother Szymon. After four years of riding at the forefront of MTB Freestyle in Poland, he decided to make the move to BMX Freestyle though, showing great aptitude and a natural talent in the sport.

Within a matter of months, at just 16-years-old Godziek had progressed at such a rapid pace that he was now considered one of the top European BMX pro riders in Dirt and Park, with great prospects for his international career. To date, he's placed first or within the top three in over 10 national and international competitions, with high hopes for his international career that are steadily being realised.

One of his greatest performances to date came in 2014, when he rocked the tricky woodland track at VANS Kill the Line and walked away with the title.

Godziek has become known for his neat, smooth trick combos and barspins, including his notorious 360 Quad Barspin. Although Dawid has training at Woodward camp to look forward to, he and brother Szymon are also able to practice at home at their home-built training track, featuring two dirt lines, training ramp, trampbike and a foam pit.

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Game of B.I.K.E Godziek's Brothers MTB VS BMX

Dawid Godziek VS Szymon Godziek in game of B.I.K.E BMX VS MTB

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Dawid Godziek - Dirt Bangers 2015

Dawid Godziek - Dirt Bangers  Dawid ends cooperation with Dartbmx and says goodbay to his bmx bike.

4:00 6 64,105


Dawid Godziek @ Austria King of Dirt 2012 - Dartmoor Bikes

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Vans presents Welcome to the Team Dawid Godziek - BMX Dirt

Dawid, nearly 20 years old, is the most known Polish BMX rider. He started originally with MTB, but decided to change his discipline. Currently he is one of the best BMX dirt riders. He earned a lot of achievements in Poland and in Europe. We proudly welcome him to the Polish Vans BMX team!

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