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26 years old

Hi, my name is Denis Leontyev. My discipline is snowboarding. My friends call me Bonus. I was born on 8 July 1991 in St. Petersburg, Russia. My special talent is jibbing.


Denis Leontyev is one hell of a snowboarder. The rider from St Petersburg, in Russia, has got style, board control and a huge bag of technical tricks. In an era when urban snowboarding seems to progress almost daily, the man known as Bonus continues to stand out as one of the best street riders out there.

Not only has he bagged an impressive array of trophies and accolades in his career so far, he’s also racked up a massive amount of footage. It appears he has no plans to slow down any time soon.

If for any reason you think urban snowboarding is getting stale, take some time to watch Denis Leontyev ride and reassess your thoughts. He is constantly taking his snowboarding to new levels. Check out his street parts now.

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The Los Angeles River team ripping Bear Mountain

Bear mountain was over run by the homies at The Los Angeles River and when they all came together it was a handful of good times and even better times snowboarding. Denis Leontyev sessions the LA River van in the streets before joining Rasmus Nielson, Jessi Blackwell and Simon Houlind at the mountain for some solid laps in The Park.

6:22 14 148,668


Jupiter People Mt. Hood 2014

We had an amazing time on Mt. Hood last May lapping Public Park at Timberline, take some turns with Erik Leon, Jay Hergert, Jeff DeForge, Denis "Bonus" Leontyev, and Jake Rose in this action packed adventure.

8:14 0 80