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Hi, my name is Hernán Pitocco. My discipline is paragliding aerobatics. My friends call me El Chonis. I was born on 20 December 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My special talent is any air-based sports. Examples include hang gliding, kite surfing and parachuting. My philosophy of life is focus on what you love.


Buenos Aires native Hernán Pitocco was born into a sporting family  – even Hernán‘s grandfather was racing cars well into his 80s!

But Hernán has always had his heart and mind in the clouds, or at least, at a higher altitude; namely the serenity and control of paragliding.

At 18, Hernán moved to La Cumbre, a remote part of the Córdoba province in Argentina to pursue his love of the sport. “The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is look out of the window to test the wind and see if I will be able to fly. Depending on that, I then organise my day”, he explains.

With a number two world ranking, Hernán has played integral roles in many pioneering projects, including the Karakoram Highway film – the story of Hernán, Thomas de Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens as they travelled the Karakoram mountain range in search of new record flights.

In 2012, he also set a new Infinity Tumbling world record – a feat that has since been broken by Llorens. In October of that year, along with The Amarok Expedition team, Hernán also achieved the longest distance to goal FAI record.

In 2013 he crossed the Andes from Chile to Argentina in a paraglider, covering 125km in distance in just under six hours. 

Hernán is also a key part of the Red Bull team and, when time allows, he practises hang gliding, kite surfing, climbing, parachuting and he flies light aircraft. The Argentine swears he will continue to fly and experience new emotions until “old age reaches him”. 

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Hernan Pitocco and Rafael Goberna flying som pargliding acro together

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Much more than a game !!!

Beyond a regular football match at Allianz Parque in Sao Paulo with Rafael Goberna & Hernan Pitocco.  Enjoy the show!

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The Human Slingshot - High Altitude Paragliding

'So crazy, it just might actually work.' That's the only thing we can imagine was going through Horacio Llorens and Hernan Pitocco's heads when they dreamed up this paraglider-powered high altitude human slingshot. After a rather creative exit from a hot-air balloon at nearly 5,000m, the pair (who were harnessed to each other in a tandem paraglider) started an infinity tumble – a high-G inverted maneuver, repeated multiple times. Then, they slingshotted themselves away from the paraglider to skydive back down to earth.  

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SLINGSHOT 2014 SPAIN : NEWS CUT - Acrobatic paragliding

Horacio Llorens and Hernan Pitocco from Red Bull combined acrobatic paragliding and base jumping.

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